long-sland-reachLong Beach Reach, Inc. seeks to reach out and work with troubled youth and families to engage and help them learn better ways to cope with their pain, to enhance their self-esteem and to develop their self-awareness, and, to help seek and create alternatives to self-destructive aberrant and anti-social behavior.

Our agency is task-oriented and concerned with human relations both of employees and clients. It is assumed that each employee will have the appropriate academic and experiential background necessary for his/her position. With any employment there is responsibility, and responsibility implies accountability. The purpose of this catalogue is to provide blueprints for job roles so that each employee has a clear idea of what is expected of him/her and what his limitations are within our agency. We encourage creativity and initiative. Job descriptions and the attached schematic chart are simply provided to reduce the possibility of any employee exceeding his duties or scope of expertise.

REACH was founded in 1970 to provide treatment, education and prevention services. Since that time, based on an analysis of community needs, additional programs have been developed aimed at improving the quality of life for youth and families. These services include concrete service assistance including health, financial, housing, and employment counseling and referrals, alternative education, court intervention, teenage pregnancy prevention and services and crisis intervention. Consistent with our philosophical commitment to the availability of locally based professional services, we have broadened our reach through consolidation with other community based programs. The result is a comprehensive integrated Community based Multi-Service agency with our main site and a satellite site located in Long Beach, and two Divisions of Long Beach Reach; Link Counseling Center located in Lynbrook and Port Counseling Center located in Port Washington. The following description of REACH services is to serve as a guide as to the structure and service offerings of our agency. We make exceptions when our professional staff deems an individual of any age to be in need of our services and we develop new programs in response to identified community needs.

For more information please visit: https://longislandreach.org/